We are Continenza Music, sent from the past to the future to rescue you from the same sounding music you are tired of listening to.


2021-07-24  7:30-10:30 PM

Dinner with live music at The Kitchen at Mono Mills


Dinner with live music at The Kitchen at Mono Mills

About Us:

We are a GTA-based duo who specialize in performing music from The Great American Songbook and Country, Blues and Contemporary styles. We can perform as a duo, a trio, or a quartet depending on demand and venue. Whether it's dinner music, dance music or entertainment, we have got you covered. Contact us via email for inquiries (see contact tab for more details). Come on out, enjoy and explore music from all eras


About Rocco:

Rocco was raised in a musical environment and started studying trumpet at age 9. He realized he had a talent for music at an early age when he sang for family members and brought tears to their eyes. Rocco is a graduate from the Humber  College Music program, in 1982, on trumpet and vocals. Rocco also performs with The Royal Regiment of Canada on Trumpet, the Jazz Rangers and The Halton Jazz Singers. Rocco's new venture is to perform with his son Zach as Continenza Jazz. 


About Zach:

Zach began his piano study at 5 years old and eventually began studying classical music with various teachers. He took a major interest in the piano and music in his teenage years and then pursued studying jazz piano as a career and degree. He studied with Berklee graduate Carmen Spada and was admitted to the prestigious York University jazz program, where he has thrived and received numerous awards. He has studied with some of the most in-demand jazz musicians such as Mark Eisenman, Richard Whiteman, Frank Falco, Jim Vivian and many others. He now performs and teaches music and hopes to continue to teach in college.